Selli Okerra

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Selli Okerra

Source: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, pg(s). 58

Selli Okerra is the daughter of Baron Nicolaus Okerra, the aristocratic ruler of Pensaris in Meratt county, Taldor, and his deceased wife Nirvenna Okerra. Selli is only 15 years old but already desperately aspires to emulate her father's heroics, having heard tales of her father's adventures from various locals. Selli wants to join the Taldan military when she grows older, something her father is trying to discourage by kindling an interest in academia. So far, his plan has failed.1

Selli often sneaks away from the Okerra Estate to explore the surrounding countryside looking for adventure. Recently, one of these 'adventures' resulted in her having two fingers bitten off by a fox; when retelling this event (while trying to emulate the tales about her father), she claims to have lost them to the fox in a crooked game of cards.1


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