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Remnant of Barzillai

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Remnant of Barzillai

Source: Tomorrow Must Burn, pg(s). 80
Barzillai Thrune in better days, for him.

Remnants of Barzillai are scraps of the soul of Barzillai Thrune that continue to haunt Ravounel after his defeat.1


A remnant of Barzillai's body resembles Barzillai himself. It is usually made from bits of the nearby terrain, except near haunted locations, where the spectral force can coalesce into a more precise form with ectoplasm from these haunts. All remnants carry a replica of Barzillai's mace, which dissolves an hour after the remnant is destroyed.1


Remnants of Barzillai can draw power from any associated haunt but usually only do so with specific types of haunts. According to the Silver Ravens, phenomena associated with remnants include hell hounds invisible to everyone but their victims; the echo of diabolic bells; the themes of various birds; the scents of mint and tea; and ghostly, heavily-armored figures.12

Remnants of Barzillai can manifest everywhere across Ravounel. In order to put Barzillai to rest for good, a remnant's mace must be buried in a location consecrated by good clerics before it disappears, and then lie undisturbed for at least a year.1


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