Passage Outward

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The Passage Outward is a magical gateway located in the alghollthu city of Gholinom at the bottom of the Arcadian Ocean west of Rahadoum. It is made of four concentric rings, each rotating in an opposing direction. Each ring is crafted from different skymetals: abysium, djezet, orichalcum, and inubrix. Despite having existed for a very long time, the gateway has remained sealed, yet those entrusted with knowledge of the gate, particularly the slaves burdened with this information, suggest that its purpose is to unveil a realm beyond the confines of space and time, referred to by their masters as the Final Sea. The entire endeavor remained shrouded in secrecy until recently, when Professor Karnvale Havillip, a halfling venture-captain believed to have been lost in a shipwreck years ago, resurfaced at the Grand Lodge in Absalom. Bearing a harrowing tale of escape, the professor issued a warning that, after extensive preparations spanning ages, the Passage Outward may be on the verge of opening.1


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