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Djezet, sometimes called quickiron, is the least understood skymetal, largely due to its unusual form: it is a liquid at all temperatures.1 Djezet grows red when targeted by magic, even when alloyed with other metals, so djezet is often nicknamed "tiger iron".2

Djezet fell from the skies onto Golarion even before Earthfall, landing in a dense forest within Arcadia.3

Uses of djezet

The rust-red substance is a sought-after spellcasting component, as it amplifies magical power above and beyond natural spellcasting abilities.1 It is associated with enchantment magic, love, and lust Djezet also has radiation-deflecting properties.4 Because of its naturally liquid state, djezet is rarely used in making weapons and armor, although in ancient Thassilon it was rumored that certain powerful spellcasters (including Xin himself) had developed djezet alloys.5

The Red Terror, a robot in the Red Redoubt of Karamoss, is rumored to be crafted of djezeteel, an alloy of steel and djezet.6


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