Ordrik Talhrik

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Ordrik Talhrik
Titles Theocrat
Race/Species Dwarf
Class Cleric
Gender Male
Homeland Five Kings Mountains
Deity Droskar

Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 9f.

Ordrik Talhrik[1] was King Garbold Talhrik's cousin and closest advisor but also a cleric of Droskar. He was controlling his cousin with addictive substances and making him cede more and more power to the priests of Droskar. Ordrik murdered his cousin and seized the throne of the Five Kings Mountains kingdom in 4369 AR and attempted to create a theocracy. The resulting Forge War raged for 13 years. Generals loyal to the true crown fought to keep their kingdom but they failed and, in 4382 AR, Ordrik declared himself theocrat and all dwarves had to work in Droskar's name. For nearly 100 years the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains lost every sense of art and beauty and their craftsmanship became merely adequate. Many dwarves fled to the other dwarven kingdoms, as well as settlements in Druma and the Mindspin Mountains. In the end, priests could not maintain their hold on the other dwarves and Ordrik's theocracy crumbled in 4466 AR.[2][3][4]

During the Forge War the legendary Axe of the Dwarvish Lords was claimed by Theocrat Ordrik. Knowing the threat to his rising regime that the axe represented, Theocrat Ordrik hid it away deep beneath Droskar's Crag.[5][6]


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