Order of the Wall

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Order of the Wall
Symbol of the Order of the Wall
(Hellknight Orders)

The Gnashing Wall, south of Khari
Master of Blades Atlan Essebar
Crenellated skull
Angular mantle, cylindrical, castle-like helm
Repeatedly strike bricks or stone
Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 55

The Order of the Wall has grown from 50 members to nearer a hundred, most of whom are lawful neutral. Technically subordinate to the Order of the Chain, the Order of the Wall has no lictor, as master of blades is its highest title. In practice, though, the order functions with near autonomy. The order's mandate to defend Chelish fronts south of the Arch of Aroden has broadened over the years. Now, members stand watch at several borders—not just Chelish ones—defending civilization's frontiers. Despite the order's Chelish origins, Garundi—and specifically Rahadoumi—soldiers comprise most of the order's Hellknights. While their defence of the Gnashing Wall remains an almost religious duty, many travel across northern Garund, serving as guardians of all sorts.12


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