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Cheliax (originally)
Source: Doomsday Dawn, pg(s). 77

Necerion is a former Chelish diplomat stationed in Magnimar driven mad by a mind quake, and a high-ranking member of the Night Heralds.1


Necerion was born to the Chelish scholar Imivus, author of the Aucturn Lexicon, which is considered to be an authoritative source about the countdown clocks. Necerion was involved in his father's research regarding the ancient history of Osirion, finding his own job as a diplomat in Magnimar annoying and frustrating. In 4657 AR, he was to join his father's clandestine expedition seeking the Veinstone Pyramid of the Pharaohs of Ascension, but a mind quake left him bedridden and ruled him out of the expedition. After he recovered, he learnt of his father's disappearance, and Necerion became increasingly obsessed with finishing Imivus' work. By day, he kept working as a diplomat, but he spent many nights gathering lore about Osirion and the Dark Tapestry. He corresponded with the scholar Aeteperax (who was secretly a green dragon) and the Night Heralds, a cult that he later joined.12

In 4707 AR, as Osirian tombs were opened to foreigners, Necerion quit his job, sold his belongings, and moved to Osirion with as much of his research as possible, keeping the rest in a secure vault in the Naos district of Magnimar. Necerion joined his Night Herald allies in Osirion to gather the countdown clocks that could protect them from the apocalypse that was set to happen in 4718 AR when a massive portal was to open between Golarion and Aucturn. He also began to secure The Last Theorem, both to secure the lore in its pages and to prevent the Night Heralds' enemies from using the White Axiom to unlock the text's true potential and disable the countdown clocks. However, while Necerion was away, a group of goblins broke into his vault in Magnimar to steal his research, unintentionally exposing his plan to the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.13 During this time, he met Kasbeel, a phistophilus who owed a debt to his father, which was transferred to Necerion upon Imivus' death. He promised to set her free if she were to divulge The Last Theorem's location to him.4

In 4717 AR, Necerion travelled to the Shackles, having learnt from Kasbeel that The Last Theorem lay within the vault of the Free Captain Whark. Before he could get his hands on his prize, agents of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye managed to track him down and kill him.5


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