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Nation Isger
Size Large town
Population 4,300

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 83

Logas is the second city of the nation of Isger. It was once the capital until that honor passed to Elidir, and its nobility dream of restoring Logas to its rightful status as the country's first city.[1]


Logas is located near the border with Cheliax and is also close to the goblin-infested Chitterwood. The city's walls are decorated with goblin corpses, and the city's war engines regularly launch large rocks into the forest to keep the goblins properly cowed and avoid a repeat of the disastrous Goblinblood Wars.[1]


Logas is home to the Molthune Armsrunners, a criminal organization that smuggles infernal goods from bordering Cheliax into Molthune, Andoran, and Galt.[2]


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