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The Sarini Estate near Saringallow.
Nation Isger
Size Large town
Population 2,110
Demographics 1,800 humans, 200 half-elves, 60 gnomes, 50 other
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Leader Mayor Sandra Trinelli
Images of Saringallow

Source: Gallows of Madness, pg(s). 5

The Isgeri town of Saringallow is located on the Conerica River, south of the capital of Elidir.[1]


The town was founded as a garden estate by the noble Chelish Sarini family in 4425 AR.[2] They named it Sarini's Hollow and brought in peasants to maintain and farm the land and to act as servants for the more influential members of the noble house. When these nobles began dabbling in diabolism and witchcraft, the local populace became concerned, but when virgin daughters began to be found drained of all blood, the peasants rebelled and hanged all the Sarinis. They renamed the town Sarini Gallows, but over the following century the name evolved into its current form. Chelish nobles are still treated with great suspicion in Saringallow, and any members of House Sarini relocating there are quickly convinced to find a new place to live.[1]


The Pathfinder Module Gallows of Madness is set in Saringallow.

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