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Nation Isger
Level 4
Size Small town
Population 1,300
Government Democracy (Town council)
Leader Breachill Town Council: Greta Gardania, Jorsk Hinterclaw, Quentino Posandi, Melma Ann Sendari, Trinni Sprizzlegig

Source: Age of Ashes Player's Guide

Breachill is a small town in eastern Isger, in the foothills of the Five Kings Mountains.[1][2]

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Breachill straddles Breach Creek, a small stream in the northeast of Isger.[2] It is bordered to the southeast by the Crimson Tide Wood.


Breachill is governed by the five-member Breachill Town Council, whose members are democratically elected to two-year terms.[2] Its members can be of any ancestry or background, with the only requirement being residency in Breachill. When Breachill was founded the town council had only three members, but that number has since increased. The current council comprises: Greta Gardania, Jorsk Hinterclaw, Quentino Posandi, Melma Ann Sendari, and Trinni Sprizzlegig.[2]


Breachill was founded in 4520 AR by Lamond Breachton, a travelling wizard and scholar, when he came across a group of 100 stranded humans in the wilds of Isger with no memory of what had happened to them or how they had ended up there.[2]


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