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Lantern Bearers

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Lantern Bearers

Paramilitary defense
Oppose darkness, redeem corrupted elves and drow, thwart drow and demon plots
Elves, Mendevian Crusaders, Sarenites, people seeking redemption
Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 108-116
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For another meaning of "Lantern Bearers", please see Lantern Bearer (constellation).

The Lantern Bearers (Elven: Shin'Rakorath)1 are an elven organization that describes its aim as "to be a light against the coming darkness".23 Their chief concerns are redeeming the drow and opposing demonic forces.4


The Lantern Bearers were founded after elves returned to Golarion from their refuge in Sovyrian in 2632 AR.3

Under the Winter Council's corrupted influence, however, their goals became prosaic: the containment and eradication of their people's most shameful secret, the existence of the drow and the corruption process known as the Dark Fate.3 After the recent fall of the Winter Council, its focus shifted away from secrecy and genocide, and toward open diplomacy and redemption.4

Their newfound openness and focuses on redemption and swift justice have brought sponsorship from Sarenite groups, particularly the traditions of the blossoming light, and their ranks are now open to non-elves with a focus on veterans of the Mendevian Crusades.4


The reformed Lantern Bearers are based in Iadara, the capital of Kyonin. Their renewed focus on pushing back threats of darkness now extends to the surface, opposing the demonic forces of Treerazer in the Tanglebriar.4

Under the Winter Council, the group did not have a headquarters. Instead, they used regular meeting spots in places accessible using the network of elf gates. Their most favoured meeting place was next to the elf gate in the ruined village of Avennara in Kyonin. Missions were generally carried out by small, independent groups, and the nature of the drow was kept secret from all but the organization's highest-ranking members.3


The organization's leader is the wizard Zarineth, formerly known as the masked and mysterious Swallowtail when the group was under the Winter Council's influence. With the council's fall, Zarineth abandoned his mask and took open responsibility for the group.4

As Swallowtail, Zarineth admitted that he was not the Lantern Bearers' true leader.56 At that time, Winter Council member Malindil was responsible for liaising with the group.7

Today, however, Zarineth commands the group while also attempting to restore its reputation as a redemptive force.4


Regardless of their race or origin, Lantern Bearers prefer the best elven weapons and armor, particularly leafblades and thornblades. They are also known for carrying antitoxins in lantern-shaped containers.8


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