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High Prophet Kelldor.

High Prophet
Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 5

High Prophet Kelldor is the highest-ranking member of the Prophecies of Kalistrade, the de facto leader of Druma and one of the most powerful men in the Inner Sea region. He is famous for his business acumen and mastery of societal and economic necessities. His wealth, far greater then that any other Kalistocrat's, shows no sign of diminishing. According to many senior Kalistocrats, Kelldor owes his ascension to his ability to see almost everywhere across Golarion, which, combined with his perceptive mind, grants him power just short of prophecy. He is engaged in a long-reaching, continent-spanning scheme, and secretly seeks to maintain the fragile peace between many Inner Sea nations and position Druma to withstand any possible war.1


Very little is known about Kelldor's life before he became high prophet, and those researching him find great gaps in his biography. Before the return of the Whispering Tyrant, he commissioned several new ship designs from the shipyards in Detmer, and ordered the Mercenary League to double its training and recruitment, while withdrawing Druma's long-standing support for Lastwall.123


Holding the rank of high prophet, Kelldor wields near-total power over the affairs of other prophets and can retract the rulings of Druma's governing Resplendent Bureaucracy, making him by far the most powerful man in the entire country.1

High Prophet Kelldor recognises the importance of allies, and knows every major political or civil leader in Avistan and Garund by name, but keeps a low profile in world affairs. He doesn't care about fame, only for wealth, the prime mover and abstract force of the universe, according to the Prophecies of Kalistrade. He is friendly and calm, and understands the interplay of non-financial factors in obtaining and maintaining wealth.4

Kelldor rarely leaves the Everlasting Palace in Kerse, is guarded at all times by an elite Mercenary League contingent, and uses magic to communicate beyond the palace. Every sunrise, he receives reports and letters, then meditates and prepares magic for a short time before spending most of the day planning or meeting with trusted aides and foreign leaders. Unlike many of his predecessors, Kelldor frequently communicates with other Avistani heads of state, and in recent years, he has invited foreign officials into the Everlasting Palace for sensitive topics that have to be discussed in person.1

The High Prophet and his contemporaries secretly own large tracts of Isger as investment, and in fulfillment of prophecy, the merchant lords plan to buy more.5


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