Mercenary League

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Mercenary League
Farnick, a dwarven Blackjacket.
Type Military
Leader Unknown
Headquarters Kerse, Druma
Goals The protection of Druma
and its people
Scope National (Druma)
Structure Military hierarchy
Members Soldiers and mercenaries
Images of Blackjackets

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 72-73

The Mercenary League is the national military of the nation of Druma. Its members are often heavily armoured and are also known as the "Blackjackets" within Druma, both individually and collectively, as they wear black uniforms and black coats[1] in contrast to the majority of Druma's residents, who are followers of the Prophecies of Kalistrade and are thus clad all in white.

The Blackjackets, as befitting the army of a nation of wealth-hungry traders, is lavishly equipped with the most expensive of armor and receives the best training. As a result, they are steadfast in their loyalty to their masters, being described as almost golem-like in their devotion. This loyalty leads to a level of ruthlessness unmatched by most fighting forces, as the Blackjackets are unflinching and amoral when following the orders of the Resplendent Bureaucracy. In addition to the usual duties of a soldier, the Blackjackets are often tasked with the responsibility of guarding Druman caravans and trading expeditions around the Inner Sea, since the wealth of Druma attracts a lot of unwanted attention.[2][3]


The Pathfinder Tales web fiction story "Armored" follows a group of Blackjackets.

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