Jarvaxus Garestic

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Jarvaxus Garestic

High Priest
Source: Hell's Vengeance, pg(s). 60

High Priest Jarvaxus Garestic leads the Church of Asmodeus in the Chelish city of Westcrown.1


Garestic is handsome, somewhat overweight half-elf with brown hair and a chinstrap beard.1


His family is of dwindling wealth and influence in Egorian. Garestic's father, Rellind Garestic, was a polymath with talents in business, accounting, subterfuge, and writing; his works include the best-selling Triumph in Blood-Red Thorns, a loyalist work of House Thrune.

Rellind's talents were rumored to be related to his reluctance to marry and bear children out of a rumored diabolic pact. He eventually fell for and took an elven scholar of Asmodeus named Criessia as his wife, and their pairing bore triplets, two of which disappeared. Rellind himself committed suicide.

Criessia raised Jarvaxus under the protection and service of Asmodeus, and provided him with quality tutors. He also studied his fathers' papers and learned many of his successful political techniques.

His intellect and savvy propelled his rapid political ascent through the Church of Asmodeus to a position under Grand High Priestess Aspexia Rugatonn, but his enemies devised a way to isolate him by assigning him to declining Westcrown—practically exile.

Garestic quickly garnered a reputation as the most committed high priest of Asmodeus that Westcrown had seen, committing intense efforts despite the city's persistent sacrilege, and he came to enjoy the city because of, rather than in spite of, its crumbling history and rebellious ways. As high priest, he also oversees the Qatada Nessudidia.1


Paizo published a profile of Garestic on pages 60-61 of Hell Comes to Westcrown.

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