Glorious Reclamation

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Glorious Reclamation
Knights of the Glorious Reclamation.
Type Knightly order
Leader Lord Marshal Alexeara Cansellarion[1]
Alignment Lawful good[2]
Headquarters Cheliax
Goals Reclaiming Cheliax from House Thrune and restoring the worship of Iomedae
Scope Regional (Isger, southeast Cheliax)
Structure Military
Members Followers of Iomedae
Images of Glorious Reclamation

Source: Hell's Rebels Player's Guide, pg(s). 8
Oppian Nevilindor, a knight of the Glorious Reclamation, bears a shield and armor with the order's symbol: a sword in front of a shining light.

The Glorious Reclamation[3] is an order of zealous Iomedaean knights in Cheliax who were responsible for recovering an Iomedaean artifact, the Heart's Edge, from the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw in 4715 AR.[4][1] The order soon fostered a rebellion against the empire in southeastern Cheliax,[5] seizing Citadel Dinyar from the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw and eventually targeting Westcrown for liberation.[6]


The Glorious Reclamation was founded and is led by the paladin Lord Marshal Alexeara Cansellarion. The order is structured as a military force comprised of Iomedaean followers.[1]


The Glorious Reclamation is the subject of a major article in The Hellfire Compact.

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