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Titles The Insatiable Queen
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Succubus
Class Antipaladin 12
Gender Female
Homeland The Abyss; currently the Moonscar
Deity Nocticula

Source: The Moonscar, pg(s). 26

Izmiara, the Insatiable Queen, has ruled the Moonscar and its succubus inhabitants for the 12,000 years since the blight's accidental creation by the ancient Azlanti, and has spent that time working to ensure the apotheosis of her patron, the demon lord Nocticula, into true godhood.[1]


Izmiara has ruled the demonic jungles of the Moonscar since their creation thousands of years in the past, but seeks to expand her dominion, and that of Nocticula, to cover all of Golarion. For that purpose, she sends her servants and agents to the surface of the world to kidnap victims to use as breeding stock or to subvert into sleeper agents to be seeded back into Golarion's societies. Izmiara and her followers have been able to place agents in multiple important positions throughout Golarion's societies, including Vudrani royalty, the ranks of the Chelish House of Thrune, and the leadership of Mwangi tribes, to be activated when the succubi see fit through use of mindbind figurines linked to each sleeper agent. Other pawns, subverted and activated in the past, have included the Taldan general Erestos Marburran, the Abadaran archbanker Miliana Vistrara, and a runelord of wrath.[1][2]

Izmiara's efforts, however, are hampered by the immense distance between Golarion and its moon. While some succubi are able to tame shantaks to shorten the trip between the two celestial bodies, others are restricted to their own flight and power for this trip and thus require two years of travel to reach Golarion from their lunar base.[1]

Recent events

Izmiara's operations were accelerated when an ancient and long-buried Azlanti space station was unearthed by the eruption of a volcano in the southern Mindspin Mountains known as the Growling Skald, which had been dormant since before Earthfall. This ruin included the Somal Gate, a portal to the surface of the Moon, which, although long inactive due to lack of power, was reactivated by the geothermal energy of the newly active volcano. This development has given Izmiara and her servants direct, nearly instantaneous access to Golarion's surface, allowing them to greatly increase the pace and speed of their harvests of mortal victims.[1]


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