Hall of the Slumbering Kings

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Long rumoured to be connected with Kelumarion, patron of the leonal agathions, the Hall of the Slumbering Kings is a semi-mythical location that lies somewhere within Nirvana. Spoken of in the legends of mortals but mostly unacknowledged by Nirvana's inhabitants, it is often stumbled upon by inhabitants of the Universe who find either a cave mouth hidden behind a waterfall, a door hewn directly into a mountain, or a staircase leading up to the heavens.1

The Hall of the Slumbering Kings is a vast hall filled with the sleeping forms of mortal-kind's greatest heroes, those who left with the promise to return at the time of their people's greatest need.1 Those waiting here in slumber include Namzaruum, the hero who faced the Star-Worm;2 and Kahotep, the so-called "Pharaoh of Tomorrow". In the legends of the Hall of the Slumbering Kings, those who find it are in desperate need of hope and are allowed to wander amongst the greatest heroes of legend until one of the hall's celestial guardians politely escorts the visitor out.1