Dragonmane Mountain

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Dragonmane Mountain1 is a mountain located on a vast golden basin at the heart of Nirvana. On its slopes lie High Ninshabur and Llourith, two of Nirvana's greatest cities.2

Divine realms

Above the Dragonmane Mountain, Everlight drifts majestically, the divine realm of the sun goddess Sarenrae. The mountain's name comes from a legend, according to which the first and greatest of the sirrushes, powerful draconic servants of Sarenrae, gave up its identity and intelligence to give Sarenrae a foundation for her divine realm.2

The Caverns of Molten Sunlight, the realm of the empyreal lord Bharnarol, also lie within Dragonmane Mountain.3


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  1. Dragonmane Mountain is discussed as Dragonmane Mountains in Chronicle of the Righteous but as the singular Dragonmane Mountain in Planar Adventures. PathfinderWiki favours the singular form: see Conflict discussion for details.
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