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Eseneths, also known as soul-stitchers, are psychopomps who treat, and if necessary surgically operate on, damaged souls.1


An eseneth resembles a gray-skinned faceless humanoid with long arms and sinewy muscles. While they appear to wield large spirit needles that resemble stitching needles, these implements are merely manifestations of the eseneth's own essence.1


An eseneth is an expert in medicine and sewing. Despite its lack of eyes, it has excellent vision, including the ability to see in the dark.1

As required for its duties, an eseneth can physically grab and restrain incorporeal creatures despite being corporeal itself. It can also remove the soul from a corporeal creature.1


Eseneths, like other psychopomps, are native to the Boneyard. They function as surgeons in soul repositories, where they operate on souls too damaged to be judged by Pharasma.1

Known examples

Eseneths staff Reprieve, a soul repository in the Boneyard.1


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