Dreamer's Reach

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Dreamer's Reach is a barren peak that's also one of the highest peaks in the area. It holds special significance for the Kellid people, who often seek divine guidance at this site. They undergo a spiritual journey up to the very peak of the mountain, where they remove all of their clothes above the waist and wait in the harsh cold conditions for a waking dream from Desna. Barring that, they will continue waiting until spirits take them away to the Boneyard.

Despite its spiritual importance, Dreamer's Reach is a place rarely visited by animals and giants. The primary threats to those who make the treacherous climb are the physical challenges and exposure to the elements. However, this location is also a place where the boundary between the material world and the realm of dreams is thin. As a result, individuals seeking visions at Dreamer's Reach may find themselves engaged in fierce battles with nightmares that become dangerously real.1


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