Red Rune Canyon

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Red Rune Canyon, located in the eastern Tusk Mountains of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, is an interconnected maze of canyons tainted by the relentless expansion of the Worldwound. Festering black boils and sores weep red bloodlike mud from its walls. The canyons change form under the demonic influence, with blasphemous runes etched into Golarion's surface. The evil of Red Rune Canyon drives any living creature who enters it mad.1

Larisa, a tiefling sorcerer, arrived to Red Rune Canyon in 4713 AR. Using blasphemous sacrifices at each new moon, she gained control of the glyphs inscribed by the canyon. Each sacrifice calls forth a new symbol and siphons power from the distant Worldwound. When she bends the canyon into her grand final rune, she will get rid of her mortal blood and metamorphose into a full demon.1

The reshaping of the Red Rune Canyon has weakened the barriers between Golarion and the Abyss. At each of Larisa's rituals, a new gate is forced open for a few seconds, oozing demons out into the Tusk Mountains.2


A century ago saw the end of the canyon as a home for taiga giants when Tanaq Mammoth-Eater led his tribe out of Red Rune Canyon due to the growing demonic taint.3


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