Daigaki Castle

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Daigaki Castle is a haunted stronghold in southern Amanandar in Tian Xia. Daigaki is said to be the lair of a large group of undead led by the ghost of Tsubokandu. After the fall of Imperial Lung Wa the city of Kamikobu, now known as New Oppara, was besieged by a dozen bandit warlords, Tsubokandu was known to be the cruellest of all of them. Tsubokandu was a disgraced samurai warlord from the neighbouring kingdom of Shokuro who chose exile over an honourable death. Tsubokandu was defeated by the founder of Amanandar, General Orphyrea Amanandar but with his death his ghost returned to Daigaki Castle and began gathering an army of the dead to reap some unknown terrible revenge.1