Orphyrea Amanandar

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Orphyrea Amanandar

General, Ruler of Amanandar
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 18
Flag of Amanandar.

General Orphyrea Amanandar was the founder of the Tian Xia nation of Amanandar after venturing there from the nation of Taldor on the distant continent of Avistan.1

Early days

Orphyrea's rise to prominence began in the waning days of the Age of Enthronement when Taldor had been a land in decline for centuries and, with the impending return of the god Aroden, it was felt something was needed to renew its former glory. Orphyrea Amanandar was a young general at the time and she proposed the formation of the Eighth Army of Exploration to venture out1 and expand Taldor's reach. This would be the first Army of Exploration for over two millennia to go forth.2 So, Orphyrea set sail in 4605 AR seeking new lands for Taldor on the other side of Golarion.1

Exploration in Tian Xia

Within a few months of her departure, Aroden's death threw the entire world into chaos. Navigating through monster-haunted oceans now wracked with massive storms, Orphyrea steered the Eighth Army of Exploration through the notoriously dangerous Valashmai Sea, passing between the Valashmai Jungle and the continent of Sarusan. She then sailed the army up the eastern coast of Tian Xia, passing nations engulfed in chaos after the fall of Imperial Lung Wa before navigating through the straits between Bachuan and Tianjing. Entering the Sea of Ghosts, Orphyrea and her army sailed north before finally making landfall in Shenmen. With their ships barely seaworthy, General Orphyrea led her armies north along the banks of the Gan-Tzou River until they eventually reached the city of Kamikobu in 4608 AR or 7108 IC.

Founding of Amanandar

The city was besieged by over a dozen bandit warlords who coveted Kamikobu for its position as a rich trade city. Against all odds, Orphyrea Amanandar and the Eighth Army were able to overcome these bandits and return the city to a state of peace. In return, the people of the province chose General Orphyrea Amanandar as their governor. Orphyrea renamed the province to Amanandar in honour of her family and changed Kamikobu's name to New Oppara as she set about creating a new nation state, safe for all it citizens both Taldan and Tian.13


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