Council of Liberated Slaves

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Council of Liberated Slaves

Represent Osirion's enslaved population
National (Osirion)
Democratic governmental council
Former slaves and children of slaves
Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 3

The Council of Liberated Slaves is one of two bodies of deliberation that help advise Ruby Prince Khemet III in governing Osirion.12

All 63 members of the Council of Liberated Slaves are former slaves and children of slaves. Five are elected to the Council of Sun and Sky, a 100-seat council of city representatives that advises the Ruby Prince in day-to-day rulership, to represent the nation's enslaved population.2 Former slave Dahnakrist Phi serves as the Council of Sun and Sky's First Leader.3


Slave uprisings in Osirion, inspired by Andoren independence in 4669 AR, demanded reforms to the nation's practice of slavery. Khemet III responded by enacting the Laws of Equitable Use in 4679 AR, which relaxed many of its policies around slavery and chartered the Council of Liberated Slaves.2


In addition to electing members to the Council of Sun and Sky, the Council of Liberated Slaves also extends support to expeditions that employ slaves. One such expedition is Exemplar Khymrasa's excavation of Ahn'Selota.4