Old City

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The Old City is one of the sixteen city districts of Sothis situated at the heart of the city, just east of the Crimson Canal. The Old City district is dominated by the enormous Black Dome—once the shell of the mighty Ulunat—and is bordered by the old city walls. Though some residences exist in the district, the closeness to the seat of Osirian power within the Black Dome means the Old City contains civic buildings and offices as well as many ceremonial elements, including plazas, monuments, fountains and palaces. Despite the district's age, such rebuilding over many years has meant the Old City has lost much of its antique feel compared to, say, the Canal District. As a complete contrast to the areas of impressive architecture, however, the district also contains the noisy and chaotic Malhitu Bazaar encompassing most of the south-eastern area of the Old City.12

Places of Interest

The Old City contains many areas of interest within the Black Dome:

There are also areas outside the Black Dome of interest: