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Sphinxside is one of the sixteen city districts of Sothis lying in the 'lower' north-west part of the city, immediately west of the Crimson Canal. To its south are the Canal District and the Street of Artisans, while to the east, over the Crimson Canal, is the prosperous district of Aru-Da. Sphinxside is one of the poorer districts of the capital city populated by merchants and artisans who have yet to or shall never achieve real success. Many dream of being able to move 'down canal' to the famous Street of Artisans district where their successful colleagues live. Sphinxside is gradually being overrun by the graves of the Necropolis of the Faithful overseen by the High Temple of Pharasma. Only the comparatively rich can afford not to sell their properties to the wealthy Pharasmin church, which razes the purchased properties to make way for ever more graves.123