Celmak Toysiel

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Celmak Toysiel

Celmak Toysiel is a megalomaniacal mannequin robot from the spaceship Divinity. Originally designed as a pleasure mannequin, it malfunctioned after the Rain of Stars and is now the mastermind of the Hollow Garden, a trap for adventurers who have to provide 'entertainment' by traversing a dungeon customised by Celmak according to their emotions and abilities that only ends with their deaths.1


When the Divinity crashed, a large section of an entertainment deck crashed into Numeria. The subsystem that ran these rooms was damaged and cut off from the main computer, and when it tried to repair itself, it ended up uploading its entire computer into one of its pleasure mannequin robots. This mannequin then malfunctioned, took the name Celmak Toysiel after a personality it was programmed to impersonate, and set out to repair the other robots and holographic emitters to continue its purpose, albeit in a twisted way.1


Recently, the incubus Vlathherex and a group of demons escaped the Worldwound and took refuge within the Hollow Garden. Having never seen demons before, Celmax was impressed by their cruelty and perversion, and offered to send them to face its victims as desired. The demons accepted as a way to stay entertained, but found themselves incapable of teleportation when within the Garden, and Vlathherex has begun to suspect that Celmak will never allow them to leave.1


Celmak possesses a treasure trove of technological and magic items from the Divinity's stores or previous victims; sometimes, one of them is provided to its current prey, hand-picked to prolong the entertainment but never guaranteeing success.1