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Gelderfang, an incubus.

(chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 73

An incubus (pl. incubi) is a type of demon formed from the souls of evil mortals obsessed with inflicting pain and the violent gratification of their own sexual desires. They appear as powerful, muscled humanoids with bat-like wings, attractive looks, and smooth skin.1[citation needed]


An incubus in his true form is always muscular and attractive, with long hair and intense eyes. His skin can be of any colour, but is always smooth and silky. They also have curving horns, and bestial legs which betray his demonic origin. When not using his wings for flight, an incubus can fold them to drape across its shoulders like a cloak—many decorate both the inside and outside of their wings with tattoos, ink, or self-inflicted scars. Incubi stand between 6 and 6-1/2 feet tall and typically weigh 200 pounds.1[citation needed]


When not in battle, incubi serve as counsellors, torturers, and companions for greater demons. They are also often conjured for similar roles by mortal spellcasters, although care must be taken in dalliances with incubi, for they delight in causing pain to their companions.1 Incubi are particularly hated by gancanagh azatas who view them as profaning the very notion of romance, love, and companionship.2[citation needed]


Like succubi, incubi form from the chaotic evil souls of particularly lustful and rapacious mortals. Yet whereas succubi are subtle and methodical about using their charms to cause ruin, the typical incubus is forthright and forceful about his insatiable desires.1[citation needed]


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