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Type Outsider
(extraplanar, lawful, mythic, water)
CR 23 / MR 9
Environment Any (Axis)

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 32

Apkallus are a dedicated race of guardians and caretakers of the laws of Axis. They stand below only the axiomite hierarchs and primordial inevitables as the most powerful residents of Axis. They were initially created by the Godmind of Axis to be ambassadors for law and for Axis on the Material Plane.[1][2][3]


Apkallus appear as large, muscular humanoids with the heads of raptors and powerful hawk-like wings. Their surplices of fish scales glitter with a milky iridescence that casts shimmering rainbows across their forms, and they typically carry magical bronze spears. They can also adopt a human and merfolk form in terrestrial and aquatic settlements.[2]


Apkallus oppose chaos and protect just rulership and the development of culture, laws, lore, or technology from those who seek to tear down progress. To this end, apkallus often travel to numerous worlds, spreading lawful religions, promoting crafts and the arts, and aiding in the development of fundamental discoveries.[2]

Apkallus prefer to advise mortals over teaching them directly, nudging inventors toward important discoveries, ensuring that their charges do not become dependent on them. Apkallus are particularly fond of creating shared mindscapes with telepathy to show visions of possible futures and developments to their charges in an immersive medium.[2]

Apkallus carefully record the progress of mortal societies so that knowledge and progress can be restored following a societal collapse, and ensure that their extradimensional archives remain well-protected, understanding that certain information can undermine progress and self-reliance. Whenever possible, apkallus ensure that their personal archives can be copied to the library vaults within Axis, where they can be analysed to aid the apkallus and allies in advancing the cause of law throughout the Material Plane. While they remain rare sights in the city, their influence is felt every day when lore about Axis is researched or recorded.[1][2]

In times of great need, apkallus rise up to defend Axis or mortal cities under their protection.[2]


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