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Olujimi, an angazhani warrior.

The angazhanis or high girallons, are larger, more intelligent, and far more dangerous than standard girallons.1


Angazhanis are massive, four-armed albino apes, reaching nine feet in height and often weighing 1,000 pounds. They sometimes dress in hides and braid bone trophies into their fur.1

Habitat and society

It is not clear whether angazhanis are a natural creature, or a creation of some evil power. In any event, they are thoroughly evil and worship the demon lord Angazhan. They prefer to live in remote jungles, typically inhabiting the ruins of cities built by other creatures. They often rule as priest-kings over tribes of lesser apes (or even, on occasion, humanoid cultists), collecting tribute from their minions.1


The most dangerous thing about them is their intelligence—they are at least as intelligent as an average human. They use tools, including weapons and hide armour.1

On Golarion

They are typically found in the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. The largest concentration was in Usaro, where approximately 450 angazhanis served the Gorilla King.2 After the death of the Gorilla King, the angazhanis have fallen into infighting, though a Mwangi warrior named Shosenbe is attempting to reunite the creatures.3

Known examples


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