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This looks like a girallon, but is it?

Magical beast
Warm forests
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 154

Girallons are large, unintelligent, jungle dwelling carnivores, that resemble four-armed, white, giant gorillas, but with a far more savage and bloodthirsty disposition.1


Girallons look very similar to giant gorillas with a few notable differences: the first is their size and stature, adults are typically eight feet tall and weigh eight hundred pounds making them far larger and heavier than the average gorilla. The second equally obvious difference is that they have an additional set of arms growing from their torso giving them added dexterity. These additional arms also allow the apes to literally tear creatures limb from limb.1

Habitat and ecology

A mage of the Magaambya battles a girallon.

Girallons normally live in warm forests and jungles, most famously the Mwangi Expanse in Garund but they are also common on the Mediogalti Island. When in the wild they typically live in small groups led by a dominant male though young males often wander by themselves before establishing these small groups. Whether in groups or alone, girallons are highly territorial attacking intruders on sight. Girallons are also found in many large cities as they are favoured beasts in Golarion's many gladiatorial arenas, their habit of tearing their victims limb from limb makes them popular with the bloodthirsty crowds.1

Girallons are associated with the demon lord Angazhan even though, since they are of animal intelligence, they are presumably incapable of worshipping him. Part of this association may come from the Angazhan-worshipping city of Usaro where the world's largest concentration of girallons is found.2 The myth of the girallons' creation adds to this association for it is said that once they were humans who called upon savage demon gods of the jungle (most likely Angazhan) to grant them great strength. The demons granted them strength but with each generation the humans grew more feral.1

On distant worlds

Girallons are fairly common on the red planet of Akiton. Their four-armed body structure (which resembles that of the native Shobhad) is enough to let some speculate that girallons originated on this planet.34


Rumour claims that intelligent girallons still exist. The Angazhani, or High Girallons, are larger than standard girallons, reaching nine feet in height and often weighing a thousand pounds. The High Girallons are also smarter, leading large packs of regular girallons in raids and in worship of Angazhan for as well as being smarter, they are far more evil.5


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