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Source: Midwives to Death, pg(s). 71

Alebrijes are brightly-coloured magical beasts that frequently visit the dreams of sleeping people to guide or inspire them, or answer their questions.1


Alebrijes can take the shape of any animal or magical beast on the Material Plane, and can be distinguished by the unique, usually radiant and decorative, patterns over their body; some also grow wings.1


Alebrijes can form in various ways, most commonly through the wishes of particularly imaginative individuals who subconsciously visit the Dreamlands when sleeping. As they dream of specific creatures, they tap into the Dreamlands' energies, which coalesce and suffuse that creature, creating an alebrije. Extremely potent dreamers can even form an alebrije from a dead or fictional creature.1

Creatures that walk into the Dreamlands, where the veil between the Material and Ethereal Planes is thin (like the Isle of the Dreamers), might be transformed into alebrijes by their exposure to the Dreamlands' energies. Most such alebrijes tend to remain there, preferring their unique new home to their mundane old homes.12

In rare cases, an animal or magical beast can learn lucid dreaming, and as its mind subconsciously connects to the Dreamlands, it slowly transform into an alebrije. Sometimes, such creatures might have an alebrije ancestor, whose bloodline pushes their dreaming ability past its peak.1


Some alebrijes keep living their old lives, travelling the Material Plane using their connection to the Dreamlands. Others take advantage of their newly found powers to become apex predators or leaders of their packs, and only come to the Dreamlands to rest. Yet others are inspired to travel through dreams with their new knowledge.1

Alebrijes that used to be pets or local legends tend to visit their creators or former caretakers, and guard and teach small children until their guidance is no longer needed. Those with a strong connection to an individual might search for and protect that individual's soul until they reach the Boneyard, like a psychopomp.1


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