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Asura-spawn (faultspawn)

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Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 19

Faultspawn, also called asura-spawn, is the name given to cambions who are descended from the violent inhabitants of Hell born of the mistakes and accidents of gods: the asura.1 Like their asura ancestors, faultspawn tend to derive a deep joy from witnessing the myriad failures of the gods and will often devote themselves to the ruin of religions whose values and beliefs do not align with their own. Physically, faultspawn tend to exhibit both masculine and feminine traits simultaneously but also tend to possess odd physical traits, such as forked tongues, or long limbs that can twist in strange, disturbing ways.2

Faultspawn are most common in Vudra but also live in the Inner Sea region on Jalmeray2; in Mendev, where they delight in undermining the efforts of pious crusaders; and in Rahadoum, where they share the atheistic nation's disdain for the gods.1


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