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Source: Field of Maidens, pg(s). 83

Aeolaekas, also known as stone azatas, are azatas who embody the malleable and slowly chaotic nature of stone.1


Aeolaekas resemble humanoids made of stone, a trait they often use to disguise themselves as sculptures.1


An aeolaeka can pass without effort or displacement through any form of earth, including solid stone. They can also conjure boulders from the earth and send them tumbling forward until they come to rest, then crumble to dust after a full day passes.1

Aeolaekas prefer to wield bludgeoning weapons, such as hammers, which become holy when they wield one. However, they are vulnerable to cold iron.1

Aeolaekas can speak and understand the Celestial, Draconic, and Petran languages, and can also speak in tongues.1


Less capricious by nature than other azatas, aeolaekas appreciate the flexibility exhibited by earth and stone over long periods of time–the ways it can be or become mountains, dust, sand, diamonds, and many other forms between. To aeolaekas, this nature exemplifies reality's chaos. However, their relative stability compared to other azatas also makes some aeolaekas more likely to form long-term pacts or agreements with mortals than other azatas.1

Aeolaekas enjoy visiting the Plane of Earth, where they wander as sightseers, battle evil earth elementals, or join in battles against evil creatures of elemental fire.1


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