Cold iron

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Cold iron
Alchemical symbol for cold iron.
(Alchemical item)
Type Alchemical reagent

Source: Alchemy Manual, pg(s). inside front cover
See also: Iron

Cold iron is a type of iron ore mined deep underground. Demons and many fey creatures are particularly vulnerable to it, as are certain other magical creatures such as jackalweres. Weapons and armor made of cold iron generally cost much more than the normal price, and are more complicated (and costly) to enchant.[1][2][3]

Alchemical reagent

Cold iron is an alchemical reagent in its purified form. As an alchemical power component it is associated with boosting the effectiveness of abjuration spells.

The alchemical symbol for cold iron is identical to that of the red planet Akiton.[4][5]


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