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Titles The Forge-Fire
Alignment Lawful good
Portfolio Fire
Worshipers Dwarves
Cleric Alignments
Domains Fire, Good, Law, War
Subdomains Archon, Ash, Smoke, Tactics
Favored Weapon greataxe
Symbol Smoking forge
Sacred Animal Boar
Sacred Colors Gray, red

Where Torag is the god of defense and strategical thinking, his younger brother Angradd prefers aggressive tactics. Together with his older brother Magrim, he watches over battles and decides the destinies of dwarven spirits.[1] In practice, dwarves will offer prayers and sacrifices to Angradd if they are about to begin an offensive battle.[2] Divine casters who revere the Forge-Fire as their patron deity have access to a special spell named planned assault, which provides them with extra protection in combat as long as they can plan ahead.[3]


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