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A demigod, although not a true god, is a being so powerful and close to being a god that mortals may worship it. A demigod may grant spells, domains and favoured weapons to clerics that profess faith in them. Unlike true deities, who may offer five domains to their faithful, demigods seem to be able to offer only four.[1][2]

Examples of demigods include the Archdevils, the Demon Lords, the Empyreal lords, the Infernal Dukes and the Psychopomp Ushers. Some kami are so powerful they may also take on the power of a demigod: these are called kami lords.[3]

Some demigods have ascended to become full deities, for example, Lamashtu and possibly Sarenrae.[4]

Known Demigods

Please see: Category:Demigods and the information tables below.


  1. A demigod would be a creature with a CR likely above 30.
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  4. Please note that within the Pathfinder Wiki, deity encompasses all beings that may be worshipped, so demigods are classified as deities.

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