Holy symbol of Yamatsumi
Titles The Mountain Lord
Adjective Yamatsuman
Alignment Neutral
Areas of Concern Mountains
Cleric Alignments
Domains Earth, Fire, Protection, Strength, Water
Subdomains Ash, Caves, Defense, Ice, Resolve, Smoke,
(Alternative subdomains: Fist, Flowing, Solitude)[1]
Favored Weapon Tetsubo
Symbol Erupting, snow-capped volcano
Sacred Animal Ram
Images of Yamatsumi

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 63

Yamatsumi is the Tian-Min god of winter, mountains, and volcanoes. His holy symbol is an erupting, snow-capped volcano.[2]


The Mountain Lord is most frequently depicted as a giant with ram's horns on his head, ice for skin, and a beard and hair made of living lava.[2]


Yamatsumi is a nature deity of mountains, with a particular interest in volcanoes. He is also a god of renewal, as the spring melt from the mountains brings needed moisture to the lowlands, and ash from volcanic eruptions enriches the soil.[2]

Church of Yamatsumi


Ascetic monks or yamabushi who make their home in the mountains are the most frequent devotees of Yamatsumi. From their high mountain perches, they tend to take a detached view of the common problems of civilization, preferring solitude and the grandeur of the natural world.[2][3][2] Many common people also invoke his protection when they witness a belching volcano or feel the first cold of winter.[2]

Yamatsumi is most frequently worshiped in the nations of Dtang Ma,[4] Hongal,[5] Minkai,[6] Nagajor,[7] the tribes of the Wall of Heaven mountains,[8] and Zi Ha.[9]

Temples & shrines

Every mountaintop (especially if it is snow-covered) is a temple to Yamatsumi, while volcanic eruptions are a sign of his displeasure.[2]