White Grotto

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White Grotto

Magic guild & bardic college
Source: Inner Sea Magic, pg(s). 23

White Grotto is the premier bardic college in Absalom where the students learn the art of using magic to enhance all forms of entertainment.12 The school is located in the upscale Ivy District.3

The college is not associated with any guilds, but pays the Ivy District Council and the district's larger businesses and establishments to allow their students to perform without worrying about repercussions. Students wear uniforms that reflect their rank—green for apprentices, blue for journeymen, and black for masters. Graduates can no longer enjoy the school's support, and have to figure out how they will earn a living themselves.4


The school is broken into five conservatories, each one dedicated to one branch of the performing arts. These are Voice, Drum, String, Pipe, and Script. Rosvierre Ibanc is the Master of Voice, and also the grand master of the Grotto. The other masters are the dwarf Durga Den (Drums), the half-elven Etrenne Rylwynn (Strings), Jaren of House Wycomb (Pipe), and enigmatic Tia Yi Gan (Script).2


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