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Unholy mount

Any cold
Source: Carnival of Tears, pg(s). 27–28

Mounts of the dreaded cold riders, the undead stags known as unholy mounts serve their masters with mindless obedience born of undeath.1


In life, these creatures were mighty and majestic stags. In death, they are terrifying; flesh rots and hangs from their bones, their bloodied fur is covered in icicles, their breath is icy vapor, and their eyes glow with the same malicious hatred as their masters.1

Habitat and ecology

Unholy mounts go wherever their unholy masters tell them to, though this means they rarely leave the frozen wilderness of northern Avistan. They and their masters are most common in Irrisen. An unholy mount is inseparable from its master; its very life force is connected because the rotting stag heart used in the ritual that creates cold riders comes from their unholy mount.1


Unholy mounts are utterly bound to their cold rider, and if the rider is killed, the mount also dies.1

Powered by the wintry cold, unholy mounts can heal themselves whilst in contact with snow and ice. Unholy mounts can also move with ease across snow and ice.1


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