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Source: Tower of the Drowned Dead, pg(s). 60

Uluuthan is a favoured alghollthu master servant of the veiled master Ochymua; Uluuthan was defeated and transformed into a nosferatu by the lich Auberon.1


Uluuthan possesses smooth skin and viscous mucus, which are considered comely by alghollthu master standards. Its fins are long and thin. Measuring more than 23 feet long and weighing 4,500 pounds, Uluuthan is small and sleek, and associated with violence and cunning; Uluuthan has a habit of demonstrating this impression with bold, cruel actions when other alghollthu masters are watching.1

As a vampire, Uluuthan's skin and tentacles are rankled with bruises, and its fins became ragged. The vain Uluuthan is angry at this mutilation, but has no way to restore its appearance. Its three eyes are red, large, and bulbous, as if ready to pop out.1


Uluuthan's beauty and brashness attracted the attention of the veiled master Ochymua, who recruited it and imparted it great authority, due to its adept ability to merge arcane and psychic magic, and extract secrets from enemies.1


Uluuthan's viciousness and attractiveness quickly earned it renown, and it soon considered itself an exemplar of the alghollthu master species. During the Age of Legend, Uluuthan served as Ochymua's mind-breaker and distinguished itself in its master's service, leading to Ochymua delegating more and more responsibilities to it. The power went to Uluuthan's head, and it insulted its shoalmates and veiled masters alike as it was on its way to becoming Ochymua's favoured mind-breaker.1

When Ochymua was captured by the Azlanti humans, Uluuthan found itself without support and fled to Garvathabool, a distant alghollthu city, to avoid the ire of its shoalmates. However, when Earthfall struck, Garvathabool was too near the surface, and Uluuthan was trapped under the ruins as the city shattered. It remained trapped until the Age of Lost Omens, when careless adventurers opened a way out; once freed, Uluuthan quickly returned to its master.1

In 4717 AR, Ochymua sent Uluuthan to the Alabaster Trident, home to the lich Auberon, to recover the location of the Compass, secret base of the Spindle Solution. However, Auberon was stronger than Ochymua estimated: he killed Uluuthan and transformed it into a nosferatu.2


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