Towers of Heaven

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The Towers of Heaven are a series of towers built on the salt flats of an uninhabited desert in Azlant, built by Azlanti scientists a century before Earthfall. Its secret purpose was to raise humanity beyond Golarion to the heavens, on equal footing with the gods.1

The fate of the Towers of Heaven's builders after Earthfall is unknown to history, and faded into the legends of the survivors as a tale of Azlanti hubris: perhaps, they thought, the gods were so enraged by the empire's attempt to move into space that they brought space to the empire with Earthfall.1

Although the Towers of Heaven are still a watchword against pride, they have never been found by any explorer. Its stories spread to Wolchurrun—a colossal mu spore dwelling in the Darklands—through the morlocks that descended from the Azlanti survivors who sought refuge underground; despite their inbreeding and degeneration, they recalled and continued to transmit the tales of the Towers of Heaven as a warning. Wolchurrun, seeking a way to escape the confines of Golarion, made its way to the surface, but found that the Towers of Heaven are no longer functional, if they ever were in the first place.1

The Towers of Heaven are now home to various plant monsters like mosslords and vegepygmies. Wolchurrun still occasionally visits the site, dreaming of an impossible escape and coating the Towers of Heaven in clouds of spores. Within the towers are said to be astronomical treasures, long lost to time.1


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