Tik Taan

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The Tik Taan is a deadly mist which lies in an apparently bottomless pit known as the Chasm of Screams in the city of Usaro, in the Mwangi Expanse. The Angazhan-worshipping denizens of Usaro regularly throw prisoners into the pit in the hope of keeping the Tik Taan sated, but it still sometimes rises from the pit and flows through the city in search of victims.1

Tik Taan is also the name for strange idols created by cultists of Angazhan, apparently by trapping some of this mist within wood. One view is that the mist is comprised of spirits of monkeys driven mad by being tormented by Angazhan.

The extinct Jambala Jaeg tribe fiercely opposed the cultists, and their shamans created ritual knives of bone and obsidian to slay the demonic spirits residing in the Tik Taan.

The Jambala Jaeg believed that the mist from the idols enters through the mouth and turns its victims into homicidal maniacs. Wearing a scarf or similar protection across the mouth could prevent this.2