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The Crocodile's Smile

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #5-10: The Crocodile's Smile
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Book - Pathfinder Society (2E) scenario

The Crocodile's Smile, a Pathfinder Society scenario written by Ruvaid Virk for tier 1-4, was released on January 31, 2024.

After ensuring that Fasiel ibn Sazadin saw Qadiran justice for his crimes, the Pathfinder Society received a mysterious letter from his benefactor detailing that she now sees the Society as a formidable opponent. After receiving this, Venture-Captain Safa spent quite some time traveling and researching across Qadira and Nex, only to find that the benefactor resides in Jalmeray and is a rakshasa with fine tastes. In order to find out more information about her, Safa and Rashmivati are sending a small crew of Pathfinders to attend a local auction in order to do some reconnaissance. However, while attending the formal event, the Pathfinders can't help but notice that it looks like one of the guests might have some sticky fingers!

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