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Escorting a Mirage

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Pathfinder Society Quest #17: Escorting a Mirage
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Book - Pathfinder Quests
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February 28, 2024

Escorting a Mirage, a Pathfinder Quest for tier 1-4 written by Glen Parnell, is expected to be released on February 28, 2024.

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A down-on-his luck Aspis Agent, relegated to Thuvia where Aspis operations have all but ceased, has found an unexpected opportunity for revenge. Zarta Dralneen is making a purchase in Merab, and what her purpose could be is the talk of the town. The vengeful Aspis twists these rumors towards talk of the sun orchid elixir, and while no one of any competence or understanding would ever fall for such a flimsy rumor, Merab has more than its share of desperate fools. As the PCs transport Zarta's mundane purchases back to port, these desperate fools strike, making a simple escort into a fight for survival.

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