Tempest behemoth

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Tempest behemoth

Magical beast
(air, behemoth)
Any air
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 37

Tempest behemoths are tremendous bird-like monstrosities and the strongest of the most common types of behemoths.1


Tempest behemoths can fly with their three pairs of wings, giving them better mobility than other behemoths. In battle, they drop on foes from great heights, smash them with wing buffets, or fire razor-sharp scales or lightning bolts at them. Due to their divine protection, tempest behemoths are serene in their immortality and fear no other being.1[citation needed]

Foul weather and terrific storms that drive flocks of birds before their headwinds precede the arrival of a tempest behemoth. The storms suddenly abate the day before the arrival, ironically encouraging victims to emerge into the open just as the behemoth strikes.1[citation needed]

On Golarion

The Runelord Alaznist captured a tempest behemoth prior to Earthfall and placed it in a state of temporal stasis.2


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