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Source: The Bastards of Erebus, pg(s). 80-81

Shadowgarms are strange aberrations native to the Plane of Shadow, where they exist as low-level predators.1 Shadowgarms are covered in shadowy slime that paralyzes the foes it strikes, and give them concealment even in dim shadows. However, the creatures are staggered when in areas of bright magical light.1


Their bodies are composed of spongy dark matter and wisps of shadow, and some grow much larger than the 90 pounds of a typical adult. Their bodies are strangely fluid and amorphous; they fight with three clawed tentacles and scurry about on a number of feelers or tentacles that can range from two or three one moment to dozens the next.1

Habitat & Ecology

Shadowgarms consume organic material by resting on it, and allowing the shadowy material of their bodies to dissolve and subsume it. Every several months, according to a seeming random pattern, the hermaphroditic shadowgarms congregate to breed. The creatures are highly territorial outside of the mating season.1

Native to the Plane of Shadow, the creatures enter the Material Plane at places where the shadow plane is strong, lairing in sewers and alleyways where there are many shadows. When slain, they melt away to shadows and fog, without evidence of a corpse.1


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