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Aspidochelone, based in the Shackles
Source: The Wormwood Mutiny, pg(s). 74–75

Seagrave is a notoriously vicious pirate captain who now serves under the Pathfinder captain Challys Argent as one of her so-called Devil's Four.1


Seagrave looks like a grimy dishevelled pirate. He wears a night blue greatcoat despite the tropical heat of the Shackles, this coat reeks of sweat, rum, and other unpleasant odours. Seagrave also boasts a large beard with clay beads, shells, and gold pieces entwined within it.1


Seagrave is renowned as walking encyclopedia of information relating to the Shackles and anything to do with piracy, able to easily reel off the web of loyalties for any pirate captain operating around the pirate islands.1 Seagrave is known to be able to speak Dwarven.2


Before becoming bound by the Pathfinder Challys Argent and her potent magical sword Siren Call, Seagrave was renowned as a truly vicious pirate captain.1 He is known to have raided Undersquare Isle, slaughtering its cyclops inhabitants while searching for ancient Ghol-Gan treasure he believed to be hidden on the isle.3


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