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Pathfinder Lore Masters

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Pathfinder: Lore Masters
Video game - Trivia
Single-player with leaderboards
Android, iOS
Release date
October 19, 2023

Pathfinder: Lore Masters is a trivia game developed and published by Lore Masters Studios and licensed by Paizo Inc., which was announced on August 16, 2023,1 and released on October 19.2

The game presents themed challenges where players answer questions about Pathfinder Roleplaying Game mechanics and Pathfinder campaign setting lore, gaining experience and levels as they successfully answer progressively more difficult questions.12


The game's music is composed by Two Steps from Hell.3

Downloadable content

The app contains a free set of questions, and players can purchase additional sets of questions and challenges related to books from Pathfinder product lines.3


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