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Pathfinder Adventure

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This article covers the Pathfinder Second Edition adventure product line. For the Pathfinder First Edition equivalent, see Pathfinder Modules.

This article covers the tabletop product line. For the digital version of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, see Pathfinder Adventures.

Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure product line is an ongoing series of adventures that can stand alone or fit well in any Pathfinder Second Edition campaign. Pathfinder Adventures are books featuring short, but challenging, adventures designed for 2–4 session games within the Pathfinder campaign setting. Paizo releases an average of three new Pathfinder Adventure products annually.


The line launched on August 1, 2019, with The Fall of Plaguestone, which released alongside the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook.


Cover Title Release Date Author Level Location Special Designation
The Fall of Plaguestone.jpg Fall of Plaguestone, The The Fall of Plaguestone 20190801 August 1, 2019 Bulmahn Jason Bulmahn 01 1st–4th Etran's Folly, Isger
Little Trouble in Big Absalom cover.jpeg Little Trouble in Big Absalom Little Trouble in Big Absalom 20200725 July 25, 2020 Ferron Eleanor Ferron 01 1st Absalom Free RPG Day
The Slithering.jpg Slithering, The The Slithering 20200730 July 30, 2020 Lundeen Ron Lundeen 05 5th Kibwe, Mwangi Expanse
Troubles in Otari.jpg Troubles in Otari Troubles in Otari 20201209 December 9, 2020 Keeley Jason Keeley, Lyz Liddell,
and Ron Lundeen
02 2nd–5th Otari, Isle of Kortos
Malevolence.jpg Malevolence Malevolence 20210428 April 28, 2021 Jacobs James Jacobs 03 3rd–6th Crookcove, Ravounel
Night of the Gray Death.jpeg Night of the Gray Death Night of the Gray Death 20210900 September 2021 Lundeen Ron Lundeen 16 16th–19th Galt
Threshold of Knowledge.jpeg Threshold of Knowledge Threshold of Knowledge 20211000 October 2021 Weathers Jabari Weathers and Ron Lundeen 01 1st Nantambu Free RPG Day
Shadows at Sundown.jpeg Shadows at Sundown Shadows at Sundown 20220500 May 2022 Winkler Landon Winkler 11 11th–13th Korvosa
A Fistful of Flowers.png Fistful of Flowers, A A Fistful of Flowers 20220723 July 2022 Ferron Eleanor Ferron and Linda Zayas-Palmer 03 3rd Free RPG Day
Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition.jpg Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition Crown of the Kobold King Anniversary Edition 20220900 September 2022 Bulmahn Jason Bulmahn, F. Wesley Schneider, Nicolas Logue, and Tim Hitchcock 01 1st–6th Falcon's Hollow
The Enmity Cycle April 2023 Brian Duckwitz 044th Thuvia
Rusthenge 20231000October 2023 HoskinsVanessa Hoskins 011st New Thassilon
The Dead God's Hand.jpg Dead God's Hand, The The Dead God's Hand Mona Erik Mona 01 1st Absalom

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